EMCC Foundation Scholarships

Scholarship support is often crucial to student success. Generally, scholarships help reduce the financial burden of college tuition. Some scholarships may be used to purchase necessary books and tools, enabling the recipient to come to class fully prepared and ready to learn. The EMCC Foundation works with scholarship founders to establish scholarship name, award amount, and criteria for recipient selection. Scholarships are often based on academic merit, program of study, financial need, and/or enrollment status.

Here is a current list of EMCC Foundation scholarship opportunities:

50th Anniversary Scholarship

Alan and Janice Campbell Scholarship

Allen Family Scholarship

Ann Meyer Scholarship

Anthony, Taylor & Matthew Black Scholarship

Aroostook County Scholarship

Automotive Scholarship

Bangor Breakfast Rotary Scholarship

Bangor Federal Credit Union Scholarship

Brann Family Scholarship

Carol A. Savoie Endowed Scholarship

Central Maine Harley Davidson Buell Scholarship

Chief Donald J Winslow Scholarship

Cianbro Corporation Scholarship

EMHS Foundation Scholarship

Eben C. Hinkley Scholarship

Ed Gott Memorial Scholarship

Edward C. and Claire A. Porter Memorial Scholarship

Eleanor & Lew Miller Life Saving Scholarship

EMCC Alumni Scholarship

EMCC Foundation Scholarship

EMMC Medical Staff Scholarship

Fisher Family Scholarship

FLIK Independent School Dining Scholarship

Follett Higher Education Group

Galen Cole Family Foundation Scholarship

Geoffrey Holbrook Memorial Scholarship

Hedlund Family Scholarship

Helen M. Swett Memorial Scholarship

Helen M. Swett Memorial Scholarship Application

Henry Libby & Frances Grindle Scholarship

Irene D. Baker Scholarship

Jan Willette Nursing Scholarship

John Ianelli Memorial Scholarship

John Logan Memorial Scholarship

Joseph James Mayer Memorial Scholarship

Joyce and Wes Hedlund Scholarship

Kennebec Nursing Scholarship

Lemforder Corporation Scholarship

Leonard & Renee Minsky Scholarship

Lorianne Sargent Scholarship

Loring Kydd Emeritus Scholarship

Maine Savings Federal Credit Union

Marvin “Bud” Blumenstock Scholarship

Marvin Tarbox Memorial Scholarship

Merrill Book Scholarship

N.H. Bragg Scholarship

Nason Mechanical Systems Annual Scholarship

Oakhurst Dairy Scholarship

Penobscot Valley Electrical Scholarship

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship

Quirk Auto Group Scholarship

Reginald Roy Welding Department Scholarship

Rich McCorkill Memorial Scholarship

Rita M. Jordan Memorial Scholarship

Robert Thomas Memorial Scholarship

Rod & Jane Black Scholarship

Sanford & Joanne Miller Scholarship

Scot Michael Miller Business Management Scholarship

Scot Michael Miller Culinary Arts Scholarship

Scot Michael Miller Hospitality & Tourism Scholarship

Small Business 4 ME Scholarship

Stackpole Family Scholarship

Stephanie Black Scholarship

Thomas VanDyne Memorial Scholarship

Vesta W. Stairs Memorial Scholarship

Ward Family Scholarship

Wayne Gamble Memorial Scholarship

Winterport Boot Shop Scholarship