EMCC Foundation Scholarships

Scholarship support is often crucial to student success. Generally, scholarships help reduce the financial burden of college tuition. Some scholarships may be used to purchase necessary books and tools, enabling the recipient to come to class fully prepared and ready to learn. The EMCC Foundation works with scholarship founders to establish scholarship names, award amounts, and criteria for recipient selection. Scholarships are often based on financial need, academic merit, a program of study, and/or enrollment status.

All students must complete and submit an EMCC Foundation Scholarship Application which can be found here. If you have trouble accessing the online form, you can send an email to foundation@emcc.edu to request a PDF document. Please note, that scholarships are awarded on a regular basis as long as funds are available.  After the submission of your application, the EMCC Foundation will begin the review process to determine eligibility for available scholarships.  Awards are made directly to student accounts and announcements are made using the EMCC student email system.

Scholarship Contact Information:

EMCC Foundation Office – Katahdin Hall, third floor


EMCC has 80+ scholarship funds available annually to students and use this link to access the online scholarship application. Students only need to fill out the application once, as that application will be used to determine which scholarships they are eligible for.