Giving Day Toolkit

First off, thank you for your efforts in raising some funds for very deserving students at Eastern Maine Community College. It is through the generosity and action of people like yourself that our scholarships and support are made possible.

Below you will find everything you need to make Giving Day easy for you, and successful for everyone!

       1. Materials

You are encouraged to use the “Giving Day” emblem as your profile picture in the weeks and days leading up to Giving Day. Please share the “I Gave” emblem as a post or your profile picture only on the 26th after you have donated.

       2. Posting

We want to make this easy for you! Once you donate, please post the “I Gave” emblem with one of the following pre-written posts as a guide, and tag any friends, family, alumni, or students you may know and challenge them to participate in Giving Day as well.

#EMCCGivingDay is here! Be sure to make your gift today and help us meet our fundraising goals                            

I Gave to EMCC, you should too! The Eastern Maine Community College Foundation is proud to have helped hundreds of students with a financial need to stay in school and achieve their career goals. With your help today, we hope to ensure that same assistance for future students. I challenge you to give what you can on #EMCCGivingDay to invest in Maine’s workforce.

Happy #EMCCGivingDay! Today we are asking for you to give what you can to help the future of Maine’s thriving workforce succeed in school. Sometimes a simple financial barrier like not being able to afford books is all it takes for a student to leave school. The EMCC Foundation aims to help those students, and students in similar situations, stay in school and complete their education. Donate today at 

Any variation of posts like these is all you need. Whether you’d like to copy and paste these, or create your own, try to use the hashtag #EMCCGivingDay. We encourage you to reference your specific departments, colleagues, classes, and students as a part of the call to action.

        3. Emails & Phone Calls

Email campaigning will also be effective on Giving Day. Please reach out to your advisory boards, community partners, and engaged alumni to ask them to share and donate as well. In the body of the email please again use the “I Gave” or the “Giving Day” badge, and include the URL

You do not need to use the hashtag in an email, but you can encourage the recipients to post on their Facebook and other social media platforms using the same emblems.

Phone calls are also effective in reaching out to community partners. The Business and Industry Office will be making calls all day to college-wide contacts, but as specific departments your relationships with other businesses is invaluable. A simple call to let them know that it is Giving Day, and directing them to the Giving Day page if they would like to donate is all you need.

If you have any questions please contact the EMCC Foundation, 207.974.4673 or Mariah Hughes, 207.974.4869.