Branding Toolkit

Why is branding important?

Branding is important to any college or university because any materials created and distributed should all be recognizable as coming from the same institution. It also allows for these pieces to work together as cohesive packets whenever necessary.

What does branding include?

Branding includes official colors, approved logos, font styles, and format.

EMCC Official Colors

Blue: RGB 0-51-127 (HEX: 00337f)
Gold: RGB 249-155-12 (HEX: f99b0c)

Colors can be found in a custom setting where you can type in each number that corresponds to the letter (i.e. for blue, R=0 G=51 B=127). You can also insert the HEX number into a box usually titled #:__________.

Official Logos

General sun with text

White logo

Sun with text and tagline

Seal, for official use only not for general marketing


Foundation logo

Official Fonts

Century Gothic

Palatino Italics

Minion Pro Italics

Email Signature

See the photo above for a branded email signature for EMCC faculty and staff to use.

Broken down information should be as follows:
Name, Position Title
Sun Image
354 Hogan Road
Bangor, ME 04401 (only to change if you work at KHEC or PHEC)
207.974.#### Office
On this line you may put your cell phone or fax number
If you choose to disclose your pronouns, please do so on this line (hyperlinked)

In order for the body of your email to be accessible and easy to read, please use Arial 12, or Times New Roman 12 in black.


Download a branded Powerpoint Template here.

Branded Zoom background.