Rules & Policies

Policies and Procedures
The mission of the Johnston Gym is to provide a safe and welcoming environment where the EMCC community can come to play, exercise, and compete.


  • I understand that the use of the Johnston Gym is FREE for current EMCC students, faculty, and staff, and that I must present a valid EMCC ID to use the facility for free.
    • Individuals who are not EMCC students, faculty, or staff are considered guests and are required to pay $2.00 per visit and present a college or state-issued ID at the time of sign in. There are no exceptions to this rule and exact change is appreciated.
  • All users must sign in at the time of arrival and provide their complete name (first & last) as well as their status (guest, faculty, staff, student).
  • All users must be at least 18 years old. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult guardian. (The only exception to this is for minor students enrolled at EMCC.)

Terms of Use

  • All users must sign the Johnston Gym Risk and Release Form and the Policies and Procedures for the Johnston Gym prior to using the facility.
  • Areas of, or the entire facility, may be closed and/or restricted at times. Whenever possible, these dates and times will be posted in advance.
  • Teaching, training, and other instruction at the Johnston Gym or the EMCC Soccer fields, is only allowed with prior approval from the EMCC Director of Activities.
  • Solicitation is prohibited in the facility without prior approval from the EMCC Director of Activities.

Clothing, Attire, & Footwear

  • I understand that all users of the Johnston Gym are required to wear appropriate footwear and proper gym apparel.
    • Street shoes are not permitted on the court or in the weight room.
    • Tops must be worn at all times. Sweatshirts, tee shirts, or workout bras are all acceptable tops.
    • Shorts must be long enough to cover your buttocks at all times. This includes times that you are bending, stretching, running, etc.

Behavior & Conduct

  • I understand that all users of the Johnston Gym must respect other users and recreation staff, as well as the equipment in the gymnasium and fitness facility.
    • I understand that it is my responsibility to conduct myself in a manner appropriate for a public facility. My language, topics of conversation, and music choices (played out loud) must represent this at all times.
    • I understand that the use of foul language, as well as any behavior including but not limited to, harassment or fighting, will result in me being asked to leave the facility without reimbursement for any fees I may have paid.
    • I understand that the Johnston Gym, as well as the entire EMCC campus, is a drug-, tobacco/smoke-, and alcohol-free campus. Being under the influence, as well as the use, possession, or distribution of any of these, is strictly forbidden.

Equipment Usage

  • I understand it is my responsibility to prevent the misuse of equipment and to return equipment to its proper location when I am finished.
  • I understand it is my responsibility to report any equipment problems to the staff immediately and I should not attempt to repair or adjust any equipment that has malfunctioned.
  • I understand that certain behaviors may cause injury to myself, other users, and/or to the facility and there are strictly prohibited. These include, but are not limited to:
    • dropping or slamming weights;
    • not using a spotter when attempting maximum weight;
    • dunking, hanging, or pulling on basketball hoop rims;
    • and the use of skateboards, in-line skates, roller skates, scooters, bicycles, and hover boards within the facility.
  • I understand that no glass containers are permitted anywhere in the facility.