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For more information about our partnership with Atlantic Partners EMS, visit their website,  www.apems.org, or call 207-974-4880. The application/registration process begins by contacting Atlantic Partners. Their staff will record your contact information and counsel you on next steps based on which license level you are pursuing.

Program Information and Timeline

The EMS program provides individuals who work with ambulance services, rescue squads, fire services, and other first responder organizations the opportunity to earn either a certificate or an associate in applied science degree OR to obtain licensure at the various levels (without earning a college credential).  The Advanced EMT pathway is designed for individuals who are currently licensed (or licensable) at the EMT level and the Paramedic pathway is designed for individuals who are currently licensed (or licensable) at the Advanced EMT level.

Applications for the EMS program will be accepted on a rolling basis each year. Generally, EMS123 (EMT) is offered each fall, spring and summer semester. The Advanced EMT is offered each spring and fall. Paramedic courses begin annually each fall. (EMCC reserves the right to cancel courses due to insufficient enrollment.)

An application for admission is required of individuals seeking to enroll in any of the following:

  • EMS certificate program (includes credit for previously completed EMT, followed by A-EMT & 7 credits of general education coursework.)
  • EMS associate degree program (includes credit for previously completed EMT, followed by A-EMT, Paramedic & 23 credits of general education courses.)
  • Licensure at the EMT level (no general education coursework.)*
  • Licensure at the A-EMT level (no general education coursework.)
  • Licensure at the Paramedic level (no general education coursework.)

*An application specifically for EMT is required even for those students who are currently enrolled in another program of study at EMCC (i.e. Liberal Studies or Fire Science) and want to add EMT123 to their course schedule.

Financial aid eligibility requires individuals to be accepted to and enrolled in a program of study; therefore, if you require financial aid to pay your tuition and fees you must apply for the certificate or degree EMS program (even if you plan only to take the licensure classes without seeking program completion). Since licensure at the EMT (Basic) level is a prerequisite for both the certificate and the associate degree program, students seeking financial aid in order to take that introductory licensing course should consult the Admissions or Financial Aid Office for clarification and advice.

Program Prerequisites

In order to be considered for admission to either the certificate or associate in applied science degree Emergency Medical Services program, applicants must have successfully completed high school level algebra I and lab science courses, and either EMCC’s EMT123 (or a transferable EMT course or proof of licensure/ability to become licensed at the EMT level).

Required Application Documentation

Applicants seeking admission to THE CERTIFICATE OR ASSOCIATE DEGREE PROGRAM must submit the following required documentation:

  • All previous transcripts (high school, adult education, and college); Indicate all prior academic history, regardless of whether transfer credit is being sought. Applicants must disclose all prior colleges attended. Failure to furnish all information on past education may constitute adequate reason for disqualification of your acceptance or subsequent dismissal from the College as well as possible retraction or denial of financial aid funds.
  • SAT scores if graduated from high school within the last three years.
  • Attendance at an Informational Session; which includes sitting for the FISDAP pre-entrance exam, is required for A-EMT and Paramedic applicants only.

Exam Information

About the Accuplacer Exam

The complete policy regarding the placement assessment requirement at EMCC is viewable on our website. We strongly suggest that you read this material thoroughly before your scheduled test date.  

To schedule a test date, select Schedule Placement Testing OR call 207-974-4887 to schedule/reschedule/cancel a test.  If you live closer to one of our off-campus centers feel free to schedule your test there, but be sure to have your scores forwarded to the Admissions office.

KRHEC (East Millinocket) ~ 207-746-5741

PHEC (Dover-Foxcroft) ~ 207-564-2942

Required Sections of the Accuplacer Exam:
Who Section Cost
Candidates applying for:

  • EMT (Basic) course
  • EMS certificate program
  • EMS degree program
Reading $3
Writing $3
Arithmetic $3
Quantitative Reasoning $3
*Those with transfer credit for ENG101 and/or math may be exempt from Accuplacer. Contact Stacy Green at sgreen@emcc.edu for clarification.


Selection Process

The selection process used for the EMS program involves an objective assessment of each applicant’s documentation including prerequisite coursework and pre-admission test results.  Applicants will be notified of as soon as feasible.

For candidates who choose to matriculate in the certificate or degree program, additional enrollment requirements apply. This information will be outlined in your acceptance packet. Once enrollment requirements are met, an advisor will assist with registration for licensure as well as general education courses.