Credit for Prior Learning

EMCC recognizes and appreciates the fact that college-level learning may be gained outside of the classroom.  You may be eligible for credit for prior learning – educational, work, or military experiences; professional licensure or certification; credit from high school courses; and other knowledge and skills – that is equivalent to the college-level knowledge required in the EMCC curriculum. To seek credit for prior learning, you must be formally admitted into a degree program at EMCC.  Additionally, you must meet the College’s residency requirement to be awarded a degree at EMCC (a minimum of 25% of program course requirements with 35% of technology requirements).

You should request prior learning credit during the admissions process or early on in the your academic career for consideration in degree planning.  Although college credit earned through these options may count toward the degree, the credit and grades will not be included in computing the grade point average (GPA).  The final decision regarding acceptance of all prior learning credits rests with EMCC.  If you plan to transfer to another college or university, you should check with the receiving institution to determine whether prior learning credit will be accepted for transfer.

Documents and Forms

Prior Learning Assessment Options:

EMCC Transfer Opportunities

High School Programs

Credit by Examination

Credit by Assessment

  • Military Credit
  • Credential Review for Certifications, Examinations, and Licenses
  • Portfolio Prior Learning Assessment


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