Credit by Assessment

Military Review

Veterans are encouraged to submit their military training transcripts directly to the EMCC Admissions Office for evaluation.  Assessment of service-connected prior learning is conducted using various nationally recognized resources for determining course equivalency.  Transcripts can be obtained as follows:

Credential Review for Certifications, Examinations, and Licenses

EMCC recognizes several certifications and licenses based on state or national standards.  Students who provide current, valid professional certifications or licenses will receive credit for the equivalent EMCC course(s) as outlined on the EMCC PLA Matrix.  Official documentation should be presented to the EMCC Admissions Office for duplication, review, and transcription.

Portfolio Prior Learning Assessment

The practice of awarding credit for college-level prior learning is based upon the belief that the education which builds on, interprets, and incorporates past and present knowledge is the education that is most meaningful to the student.  At EMCC, we value the college-level knowledge students may have acquired through past work, independent reading and study, training programs or in-service courses, volunteer service or other experiences. Consequently, EMCC offers a portfolio review process by which prior learning can be analyzed, articulated, documented, and assessed for credit.

Portfolio Review is only one way for students to obtain credit based on prior learning. Prior to pursuing to the Portfolio Review option, students should consider other options available to them, including credit through national and/or department examinations (CLEP, DSST, and Challenge Exams), as well as military or proficiency credits for non-accredited training.

A portfolio in terms of prior learning is an extensively written presentation of evidence assembled by the student and reviewed by a faculty member under the direction of the Academic Affairs Office. The award of prior learning portfolio credit is dependent on relevance to courses in the student’s EMCC degree program; including general education, major and elective courses. The portfolio includes several major sections including a thorough resume, a narrative summary of relevant work and learning experiences, demonstrated skills and training in specialized areas, and applied knowledge and competencies in a specific course for which EMCC credit is available.

To be eligible for prior learning by Portfolio Review at EMCC, a student must be matriculated into a degree program, be in good academic standing, and show proof of enrollment in or successful completion of ENG101, College Composition.  Students interested in developing a portfolio should contact the Academic Affairs Office at