On Course for College

The On Course for College program offers high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to enroll in college courses at EMCC. EMCC waives the cost of tuition and most fees for up to 12 credits per academic year; simply pay any service fees and the cost of textbooks.

**Registration for Spring 2021 late start courses (classes that begin the week of March 8) and Summer 2021 courses is now open! Registration for courses that began on January 11 is now closed. The last day to submit applications for Spring 2021 Late Start classes is Wednesday, March 3rd.**

Submit the following to apply (email w/PDF attachment required – Adobe Scan App can be quite useful!):

  • On Course for College Application (while we are off campus, an email with permission from guidance officials will satisfy the signature requirement)
  • If under 18, MCCS Minor Liability Waiver Form
  • High school transcripts/SAT scores – encouraged if applying to take English or Mathematics courses
  • Homeschooled?
    • Submit a copy of Intent to Homeschool paperwork filed with the state

On Course for College is intended to provide students with the opportunity to supplement their high school progress. Awarding high school credit for college work is at the discretion of the student’s high school.

The complete list of available courses can be found on the EMCC website (here). If you have questions or want to talk about best options let Lauren know!


Lauren Quinn
Coordinator of Advising and Retention Services
Email: advising@emcc.edu