Business Management

The Business Management program provides a sound foundation of principles designed to prepare students for the business world. Courses offer practical, marketable skills while developing an understanding of business theory.

Graduates are qualified for entry-level management employment in banking, retailing, federal and state government, sales, insurance, and marketing.

Key Learning Objectives

Graduates with the Associate in Applied Science Degree in the Business Management Program will function at an entry level position in management, office administration, retail sales, banking operations, and/or restaurant management positions, depending on which concentration they choose. Among the specific learning objectives are:

  • Proficiency in Microsoft and other business related software.
  • Mastery of fundamental principles and procedures of accounting.
  • Mastery of key business law concepts such as contracts, unenforceable aspects of contracts, rights of third parties, judicial procedure, and torts.
  • Managing principles for entry-level and mid-management positions.
  • Preparation to transfer to four-year colleges with junior status.


  • High School Level Algebra I