Education – Career and Technical Education Option

The Education program with an option in Career and Technical Education (CTE) provides participants with the skills and knowledge to be an effective educator in a Career & Technical Education setting. Participants begin with a 4-week boot camp, and then continue with required certification courses specific to CTE instruction. Coursework includes Classroom Management & Shop Safety, Exceptional Learners, the Teaching Process, Assessment & Evaluation, Teaching Literacy Skills, and Culturally Responsive Teaching. Participants complete a 360-hour apprenticeship under the guidance of a mentor. All coursework is delivered in one academic year. Graduates will be eligible to apply for CTE certification through the Maine Department of Education.

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Key Learning Objectives

Graduates of the CTE Option will:

  • Explain the mission, history, and emerging trends for Career and Technical Education.
  • Use a variety of instructional strategies to plan learning experiences and activities that meet the diverse needs of all students and to encourage critical thinking and problem-solving.
  • Determine effective classroom management and safety practices for CTE environments.
  • Integrate literacy, mathematics, and other relevant subject matter into the CTE discipline/content area(s).
  • Use appropriate assessment strategies to inform curricula decisions, adjust instruction and evaluate student learning outcomes.
  • Reflect on teaching practices and continually seek opportunities to grow professionally.


  • Must be employed by a career and technical education center. For learners not employed in CTE centers, permission to enroll must be given on a case-by-case basis.