Liberal Studies

The Associate in Arts Degree with a concentration in Liberal Studies is a broad-based educational program with a curriculum spanning a wide range of academic areas. These areas include Humanities, Communications/English, Social Science, Mathematics, Computer Applications, and Laboratory Science.

Primarily, this degree is intended to ease transfer into some baccalaureate programs at other post-secondary institutions. Additionally, from the Liberal Studies Program, students may apply for entry into various professional and technical programs offered at Eastern Maine Community College as well as throughout the Maine Community College System.

Students are encouraged to explore in depth a particular academic discipline and also to enhance their education by electing career and skill specific courses offered through the other programs on campus.

Upon successful completion of at least 60–62 credit hours in curriculum areas specified below, and with a minimum grade point average of 2.0, the student will be awarded the Associate in Arts Degree in Liberal Studies. All courses including electives must be at 100 or higher level.

A guaranteed admissions agreement, AdvantageU, was signed by the University of Maine System and the Maine Community College System in 2005. The AdvantageU program is designed to provide community college students with a streamlined transfer process in the Maine public university of their choice, following completion of their Associate of Arts Degree.


Algebra I required.