Secondary Education

The Secondary Education program is designed for future educators who wish to teach at the secondary level in a specific content area. The curriculum is flexible, allowing students to select one of four academic concentrations – English, Mathematics, Science or Social Studies. The curriculum includes five Education courses designed to introduce future educators to the field of Education to gain an understanding of American schools, how students learn, and the diverse needs of students in public school settings.

This degree is intended to increase access to academic advising within the Education program and ease transfer to other post‐ secondary institutions or prepare for related careers. Students are encouraged to review general education requirements for the college/university they wish to attend.

Key Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the Secondary Education program, the graduate is prepared to:

  • Describe the cognitive/linguistic, social/emotional, and physical development of adolescence.
  • Identify the traits of diversity in school-aged students.
  • Use and interrupt objective observations for authentic assessment.
  • Reflect on practices and engage in professional and ethical behaviors for continuous professional growth.


    High school algebra I required.